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Blu-ray's BD-Live profile finally proving popular

The Dark Night is Warner's first BD-Live title
The Dark Night is Warner's first BD-Live title

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that its BD-Live network is close to hitting 1 million visits.

The company is confident that this number will rise significantly once high-profile Profile 2.0 discs like The Dark Knight are released.

Rich Marty, Sony VP of new business development, said about the news: "As we approach 1 million visits to our BD-Live [pages] worldwide, it's clear that consumers are engaging with this game-changing interactivity and are defining BD Live as that killer application."

Killer app

It is the Profile 2.0's potential of audience interactivity that is exciting Sony. Recently, Director Guillermo del Toro used BD-Live to speak to fans of Hellboy II on Blu-ray, something Christopher Nolan is set to do when The Dark Knight is released on Blu-ray on 18 December.

BD Live was launched in April of this year to some criticism. The backlash was mainly due to the lack of Profile 2.0 players to access the web-enabled content available on BD-Live discs.

Sony has so far released around 50 Profile 2.0 titles, with other distributors like Warner and Universal starting to adopt the profile for their major film releases.