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Sound and Vision opens Leeds store

Sound and Vision expanding
Sound and Vision expanding

Cinema and Hi-Fi specialist Sound & Vision has opened up a new store, making the jump across the Lancashire Yorkshire border from its native Bolton to Leeds.

The store – which opened up on December 4 in Armley, Leeds – allows people to get their hands on the latest home entertainment kit, and, of course, search for a bargain.

Skipped across the Pennines

"After 17 years Sound and Vision have hopped, skipped and jumped over the Pennines, opening a new Audio Visual (AV) store in Armley, Leeds," said the store's press release.

"Opening a store in Leeds will give Sound and Vision that essential stepping stone it needs to reach customers in Yorkshire and surrounding areas, whilst bringing the same award winning service and value for money the people of Lancashire have enjoyed for so long.

"The "proof is in the pudding" when it comes to experience in the AV market, whilst competitors fall by the wayside Sound and Vision are moving forward, full steam ahead opening new stores, and doing their bit to get people spending again!"