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Apple's EarPods fit to shape, provide better sound

Fittin' fine

How does Apple expect consumers to enjoy the all new iPod nano and iPod touch with those antiquated plugs they pass for personalized speakers?

With a whole new line of earbuds, of course.

"EarPods" made their debut Wednesday during Apple's press event where they introduced the new music players as well as the iPhone 5, iOS 6 and all new iTunes.

Three years of work went into designing the earphones that aren't "like anything you've ever seen before."

Inside sound

Intended to direct sound into the ear, EarPods have a form fitting shape that's more anatomically welcoming than the previous versions.

While the phones fit into listeners' ears, it doesn't create a seal as others with similar construction do.

Gone too is the single-speaker design. Now, two smaller ones pump music, Podcasts, and whatever else you're planning to blast into your canals.

Those who pick up the new iPod touch, nano and iPhone 5 get a pair of the buds included.

Buy them alone and you'll drop $29 (£18). Shipping starts today.

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