Emprex Cheetah gaming keyboard

This dedicated gaming keyboard makes a standard keyboard look great

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Our Verdict

This gaming keyboard tries to change the format of the standard keyboard so much so it ends up making it a pain to use whenever you're not gaming


  • Designed for gaming


  • Bad key placement
  • Awkward usability

The humble keyboard has remained largely unchanged since the first days of the QWERTY. Granted, a few things have evolved – we've got some extra keys on our boards and we've got the numpad and cursor keys too – but things have remained pretty constant.

Then came the gaming keyboard full of bravado, buttons and pointless LEDs. Some are mighty, such as Razer's Lycosa, and some – Emprex's Cheetah, for example – aren't.

The worst thing you can do with a gaming keyboard is to make it less useful as a typing device. Now most gamers willing to drop £50 on a dedicated keyboard as a gaming input device might not necessarily be using their machine for much word processing, but at some point all of us using a PC will need to type in some text. Typing on the Cheetah though feels like prodding a fat man submerged in a bath of eel slime.

The next thing down the rubbish keyboard ladder is the addition of pointless extras, such as duplicating the WSAD keys as a replacement for the numpad. On the left-hand side of the board.

If you're anything like us, your keyboard hand has shaped itself into a gnarled claw that's capable of fitting the standard layout, so any change to that layout leaves you flailing around your virtual worlds like your character's just had a stroke.

Look, it's just a bad, bad keyboard and no number of flashing, dynamic light shows can change that. Not least because that feature doesn't actually work on our Cheetah.

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