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Zotac Z68-ITX Wi-Fi review

Intel's top Sandy Bridge chipset shrinks for this mini ITX motherboard

Zotac Z68-ITX Wi-Fi
A mini motherboard in form, but not in connections or graphics processing

Our Verdict

This delightfully accomplished mini-motherboard packs a lot of technology in, but at a price


  • Intel Z68 on a tiny ITX board
  • Lovely array of features


  • Cooler mounting issues
  • Average performance

The Zotac Z68-ITX Wi-Fi really is an ITX board. Zotac, the mad fool, has opted to stick Intel's latest and greatest tech – the Z68 chipset with Sandy Bridge processor architecture – onto one of the smallest motherboard form factors available, but that's what Zotac does.

What's impressive is that Zotac has done this and managed to retain almost all of the features you'd expect on a full ATX motherboard.

The single available x16 PCIe slot is certainly a little less than you'd usually expect, while a mere two DIMM slots support 16GB of system memory.

That aside, there are three digital video outputs, four SATA ports, two USB 3.0 ports, eight channel audio with digital out and enough space left for Gigabit networking and twin wireless N antenna. It's a mighty feast of technology from a tiny serving. But, as we all know, good things come in little packages.

We just have to hope the Zotac Z68-ITX Wi-Fi is one of these good little things.