Kingston 1TB SSDNow KC400

High capacity, fast speeds


So is the Kingston 1TB SSDNow KC400 worth the high price tag? There’s no doubting that this is a very fast drive, and if Kingston’s promises are to be believed, it’s also very dependable. 

Ultimately, the value of the Kingston 1TB SSDNow KC400 depends on your setup, as well as your budget.

We liked

The Kingston 1TB SSDNow KC400 has two major things going for it – speed and capacity. The read and write speeds of this SSD are incredibly impressive, and if you’re swapping out a traditional HDD for this drive you will see a fantastic increase in performance.

The 1TB capacity is also brilliant, and means if you can only fit one 2.5-inch drive in your device, you no longer have to choose between size or speed.

We disliked

The obvious caveat of having an SSD of this size is that the price is incredibly high, putting this out of the reach of casual users or gamers, despite the advantages this drive would bring to both types of user.

Instead, the price tag means only enthusiasts or businesses will seriously consider this drive.

Final verdict

If you’ve got a device that can only hold one 2.5-inch drive, such as a laptop, then the Kingston 1TB SSDNow KC400 is definitely worth considering, as it will give you the speed of an SSD without having to compromise on storage space.

The size of the Kingston 1TB SSDNow KC400 would also make it tempting to PS4 owners, as it can be installed in the console. Of course, the problem here is that the SSD costs more than the console itself, so we can’t see many gamers taking advantage of this.

Because of the price, it does mean that the 1TB version will only be of interest to professionals and enthusiasts. However, it’s a positive sign of SSDs to come – and one day they will not be hobbled by either size or price.