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Pacific Digital Memory Frame MF-810s review

A great little gadget. if you've got money to burn

Our Verdict

It really is an awful lot of money to spend on a one-trick gadget


  • Easy to use

    Decent screen

    Wi-Fi support


  • Very expensive

    Do you really want a digital photo frame?

We think digital photo frames are a bit of a silly idea, but at least this easy-to-use model is one of the better ones - and it now even has support for USB Wi-Fi adapters.

The £30 adaptor (pictured) has to be bought separately, but it plugs in round the back, retaining the smart look of the frame and enabling you to load up photos wirelessly from your PC.

We can think of better ways to blow 400 notes, but if you really want a digital photo frame with a decent screen, this is the best there is.