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KEF Instant Theatre review

Surround sound without all those speakers

Our Verdict

For a two-speaker setup, it's pricey, but you get what you pay for - luxurious looks and performance

While surround sound is great, not everyone wants five speakers and miles of cabling cluttering up their living room. KEF's Instant Theatre is a cleverly designed system that utilises just two main speakers placed either side of the TV. These stereo speakers project sound towards the back of the room, to give a virtual surround sound effect.

The distinctive styling will certainly turn heads, with futuristic speakers that you'll either love or hate and a compact but attractive main unit. As you'd expect at this price, the KEF boasts component sockets for top-notch PAL progressive scan picture signals. These provide pictures that light up the screen, while contrast and brightness levels also pass muster and detail levels are high.

Sound is similarly impressive, with the KEF delivering powerful bass levels and an expansive soundstage that is very convincing with movies. In fact, while still not quite 5.1, this is the best two-speaker 'pseudo' surround sound we've come across. It may be pricey, but it's a remarkably classy all-round performer.