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New MP3 player concept; the Musipen

This may be what future digital music players will look like: the Musipen is a cylindrical shape with a glowing screen that curves around the device. It aims to take on the conventional, box-like designs that dominate the digital music player market today.

With twisty-knob controls for all functions except power on/off, and play/pause, the Musipen is not much larger than a pen. It can be worn around your neck or hidden away.

The Musipen differentiates itself from the box-like digital music players of today. Its cylindrical form means it has room for a larger screen than the box-like devices currently in use. It was developed by Chris Williams, an interface and graphic designer working in the computer games industry.

There's no word when, or even if, the Musipen will be manufactured. It's currently "merely a design study by myself," Williams told . "There are no plans for production of this unit at this stage," he said.

"The interface is designed to navigate within a large music collection, so by the time a flexible colour screen of this kind is feasible to manufacture on a large scale I would hope a significant amount of storage would be viable in a unit of this scale - certainly 60GB at a minimum," Williams added.