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Invisibility cloak tech gets another step closer to reality

The latest invisibility cloak impressed the emperor no end!
The latest invisibility cloak impressed the Emperor no end!

A team from Fudan University in Shanghai claims that silver-plated nanoparticles suspended in water is the key to developing the ultimate gadget-freaks dream piece of clothing – the invisibility cloak.

Look out, Harry Potter, with our cloaks of nanoparticles suspended in water we will outwit you yet!

The fluid would contain "magnetite balls 10 nanometres in diameter, coated with a 5-nanometre-thick layer of silver, possibly with polymer chains attached to keep them from clumping."

Invisibility devices

The report adds: "In the absence of a magnetic field, such nanoparticles would simply float around in the water…if a field were introduced, the particles would self-assemble into chains whose lengths depend on the strength of the field, and which can also attract one another to form thicker columns."

The really interesting application of the property is the fact that it could then potentially be used to build "invisibility devices, directing light around an object so that it appears as if nothing is there."

Let's be clear here. This is still currently at the level of high theory, but the mere fact that scientists say it can be done already has us that little bit more excited about the future!

Via New Scientist