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Another invisibility cloak on the way

Lasers hold the key to Spanish invisibility
Lasers hold the key to Spanish invisibility

Last month, TechRadar reported on light-bending invisibility technology being developed by the University of Berkeley. Well, now we Europeans have our very own high-tech cloaking device, courtesy of the University of Granada in Spain.

Boffins there have used "a simulated layer system with transmission line matrix modelling to hide, in certain frequencies, objects placed in an electromagnetic simulator".

Let's just hope the scientists are as good as hiding objects as they are at obscuring meaning in their press releases.

Now you see it...

It's unclear which continent is winning the new invisibility arms race, but the Spanish scientists believe their technology can potentially achieve invisibility from radars and even to the human eye

According to research group director, Professor Jorge Andrés Portí: "The growing interest for electromagnetic invisibility has been driven by the existence of powerful computer resources that allow us to carry out specific numerical studies of such phenomenon."

And not at all by the desire of bearded geeks to sneak into girls' bedrooms and look at their pants.