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Dixons assessing London riots damage

Currys and PC World - hit hard
Currys and PC World - hit hard

Britain's Dixons Group has told TechRadar that none of its staff were injured in the riots sweeping London, despite several of its Currys and PC World stores being targeted.

Dixons Group is one of the nation's most recognisable electronics retailers, and its high value wares have been an attractive target for looters.

Stores in Charlton and Tottenham are among those that have been hit hard by the rioters, but the retailer told TechRadar that it could offer little in terms of detail.

Hands of the police

"We cannot comment other than to confirm that the incident is in the hands of the police and our assessor," said a Dixons spokesperson.

"We are very pleased to report that no staff or colleagues were involved or injured in the incidents.

"Our priority now is for the continued safety of our customers and our staff and in getting our stores up and running again."

With stores already facing tough times due to the economic downturn, the riots have certainly not helped Britain's technology retailers.