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Apple prototypes mini Apple stores within Walmarts

Apple and Walmart - a winning combination?

Photographs have surfaced of an Apple store - inside a Walmart - in Arkansas. The pristine display brings Apple's iconic wood counters and product demo units to the notoriously drab Walmart electronics department.

Apple's in-store design has long been a pride point, which glistens like a brushed metal oasis in shopping malls around America. No surprise Apple stores are continuously bustling with teenagers testing out their Facebook pages on Apple's newest Macbook Airs, and parents asking which "iTouch" to buy their children.

Now Walmart wants a part of the frenzy.

Apple Store

[Image credit: Jeff from ifoAppleStore]

Authorized Apple resellers like Best Buy and Walmart sell their fair share of Apple products, but up until now have typically adopted a strictly utilitarian aesthetic.

But if new pictures of an Apple-section from Arkansas is any indication, Walmart might be on the verge of cleaning up their Apple displays, sooner rather than later.

The store in question is prototyping a new Apple-centric layout. Whether this superior layout will make its way to more stores in the US is yet to be seen, though we have heard this design is nothing new for Australians.

What do you think of the new Apple-centered space - an improvement or a waste of space?

Via ifoAppleStore