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An Apple Watch software flaw makes it a magnet for thieves

Apple watch soft
Apple Watch software

Thieves have been dropping off from stealing tech as security measures improve and tracking software is included – but it looks like that's not the case for the Apple Watch.

There's a lack of security software inside Watch OS 1.0 that means anyone who has snatched an Apple Watch would be able to reset it and sell it on as if it's new.

It used to be the same for the iPhone but Activation Lock was introduced in iOS 7 to ensure you can't re-enable the phone after a reset unless you've contacted Find My iPhone.

Stole the show

We've got our fingers crossed Apple will introduce a similar feature in the Watch OS to discourage thieves from stealing and selling on devices.

We did deal with the problem on iPhone for years but it's nice to know if we are caught in the situation where our tech is taken away unexpectedly someone else isn't going to profit from it.

Via iDownloadBlog