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First real Chrome OS screenshots!

Hey guys!!11!!1 today a Google rep came to our offices to give a super seekret showing of new Google Chrome OS. Wow!

When the rep left the room we take sneak photo of Chrome OS - it running on Asus 1000H netbook.

You can see the Chrome browser window and on the left of the window is the icons what to launch your programs with! The taskbar is at the bottom of the screen. The OS runs very fast and nice!

Sorry for blurry photo but we had to be fast before Google rep came back in room!

Google chrome os

OK, we're kidding – anyone can knock up something in Photoshop and claim to have a secret screenshot of whatever new product is hot at the time.

The image above is one that we've come up with to show how Google Chrome OS could shape up to look when it's complete.

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