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Apple Pay could launch on October 20

Apple Pay
It's looking imminent

Apple Pay might launch as soon as October 20 according to a leaked internal memo that has found its way onto the internet.

Originally intended for Panera Bread employees, the internal memo was seen by the 9to5Mac website. The bakery chain was featured as one of the launch partners for Apple Pay when it was announced last month.

The internal memo was designed to ready employees for the arrival of Apple Pay, revealing a training plan that includes a video demonstration of an Apple Pay transaction and instructions on how to use VeriFone readers, NFC terminals that will be used for Apple Pay.

Time to ditch your wallet?

According to the leaked memo, "Apple is very close to releasing Apple Pay and actually planning to launch on October 20."

This is great news if you're eagerly awaiting the chance to use your shiny new iPhone 6 or Apple Watch to pay for goods and services.

Recently the USAA (United Services Automobile Association) bank revealed that it would offer Apple Pay transactions on November 7.

It now looks like we might not have to wait that long afterall, with the service potentially launching next Monday alongside a free iOS 8 update, in the US at least.

We've yet to hear when Apple Pay will be made available worldwide.