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Opera Mobile 9.7 will 'leave rivals in the dust'

Opera Mobile 9.7 - CEO says it leave rivals 'in the dust'
Opera Mobile 9.7 - CEO says it leave rivals 'in the dust'

Opera Mobile 9.7 has arrived, featuring Opera Turbo functionality that brings server-side rendering and the Opera Presto 2.2 rendering engine.

Opera Moble 9.7 represents Opera's desire to keep hold of the lion's share of the mobile browsing market, having just wrested that title back from Apple's iPhone and its mobile Safari.

"There are other mobile browsers on the market that claim to be faster and more Web site-compatible on Windows-based phones, but I challenge users to take Opera Mobile for a test drive and discover a new standard for speed and compatibility," said Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner.

In the dust...

"Opera Mobile 9.7 leaves other "sluggish" and "painfully slow" browsers in the dust," he claims

"It is our belief in 'One Web' that challenges us to develop technology such as Opera Turbo. Not everyone owns a 3G phone and not everyone needs to.

"This is why Opera's focus is on improving our browser so that your EDGE network feels like you're surfing 3G style or better."

The mobile browser arena is becoming as crowded and competitive as the desktop landscape – although many phones do not yet offer the same choice that computers do, forcing users to browse with what the company chooses for them.

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