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Does Netgear stream protected AAC after all?

Netgear said at CES that its EVA8000 could stream protected iTunes content

As we reported from CES on 7 January, Netgear claimed its new EVA8000 could stream protected iTunes content.

Strange then, that Netgear's web page for the new model omits any mention of the support for purchased content - even specifying 'AAC (unprotected)'. As mentioned, the content could be streamed from a Windows PC, but not a Mac.

Could it be that the company has cold feet about this function? Could it be to do with the mooted licensing of FairPlay, Apple 's DRM tech?

At the press conference, held at 9am PST last Sunday week, the company had been a little cagey about mentioning the support for protected content and wouldn't say any more about the methodology behind the feature.

Whatever, we've asked Netgear to explain itself - we'll bring you the update as we get it.