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Shazam puts on 25 million users in six months

Shazam has found a new lease of life in the smartphone era

Shazam has added 25 million users over the last six months. Official stats released by the music discovery service also show that over a billion songs have been analysed during that period.

"Shazam has become synonymous with music recognition and discovery on mobile phones," commented Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher.

"In the future our fans will continue to see further innovation from Shazam."

Shazam was originally famous for its ability to phone a number and identify the song playing, but the firm has found a new lease of life in the smartphone era, combining 30 second preview clips with song purchasing and tour information.

The service now has 75 million users worldwide. The sharp rise in the figures is largely to due with the rise in Shazam apps being downloaded for smartphones such as the iPhone as well as Android, BlackBerry and Nokia handsets.

Shazam has become the most downloaded mobile app in Europe according to analyst ComScore, while Fisher believes there will be 100 million Shazam users by the end of the year.