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Selfie, bacon, shrug, avocado: the next set of official emoji

Emoji people
Mixed reactions to the latest Unicode set.

Emoji is on the rise as a global language: more of us are using it every year, the symbols are all over Instagram and Hollywood movie studios are deploying it to promote their latest blockbusters.

The Unicode Consortium is the body in charge of the official character sets you see on your computers and mobile devices, and the organisation just released a new list of candidates to be considered for inclusion in Unicode 9.0. The updated character set is scheduled to appear in 2016.

Included in the new list are symbols for bacon, avocado, selfie and shrug. Also making an appearance are face palm, man dancing and the ever-useful rolling on the floor laughing. This is a preliminary list so it may change between now and the release of Unicode 9.

So if you find yourself stuck for the right colourful icon to use in digital communications, hang tight - help is on the way. Unicode's Mark Davis says many of the new batch are "based on expected high frequency of use or because they are highly popular requests from online communities".

Via MacRumors