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Manager caught seeding band's single

Wrongtuous indignation?
Wrongtuous indignation?

Band Buckcherry reacted furiously when their latest single was leaked onto P2P – only for a torrent site to uncover that it was their own manager who had seeded the track.

The band had released a press release expressing their disgust at finding their music on a torrent site.

"Honestly we hate it when this sh*t happens, because we want our FANS to have new songs first," said the group in an outraged manner.

But TorrentFreak have, brilliantly, dug up that the culprit was probably John Klemme – the band's manager.

"Klemme has been caught with his pants down," says TorrentFreak. "A song doesn't leak by itself and pirates don't have some sort of superhuman ability to get their hands on pre-release material."

So how did they catch him?

Well, after getting theip address of the person that seeded the single, they soon ascertained that the same IP had edited some Wikipedia pages for Buckcherry.

And as if this wasn't enough of a hint, they then emailed the band's manager and his reply came from the same IP address.