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Founder Kevin Rose leaves Digg post

Digg - fallen from past highs
Digg - fallen from past highs

Digg founder Kevin Rose has confirmed that he has stepped away from his role at the company, but will remain on the board of directors and continue to advise.

The aggregator site was, at one point, one of the most powerful on the web – capable of bringing websites down within minutes of it being pushed on to the front page.

However, a change of strategy saw an alarming collapse in traffic and the new Digg has never managed to regain past glories.


Digg founder Kevin Rose remains a hugely respected figure, however, and rumours abound that he will now turn his attention to a new startup for which he already has funding in place.

Rose confirmed the news in a tweet saying: "I'll continue advising Digg / on the board of directors, & taping Diggnation (as i have been since @mwdigg joined)."

Rose's exit has also been widely predicted as Digg's fall from grace brought modified staffing levels and changes to the management team.

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