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Consumers blame retailers for online fraud

Consumers reveal their online woes
Consumers reveal their online woes

A new report from CyberSource shows that consumers are laying the blame for online fraud on retailers.

24 per cent of consumers questioned for the UK Online Fraud Report 2010 felt retailers should be responsible for the safety of online transactions, the same figure as in 2007.

16 per cent, however, felt it was the job of banks, a rise of six per cent. ISPs got off lightly; only 12 per cent of consumers thought they should bear responsibility for online fraud, a drop of seven per cent over two years.

The report states: "Significantly, consumers continue to view retailers as being primarily responsible for making online shopping safer. It is instead a collaborative effort, and one that requires continued effort from the many stakeholders."

Mobile Ahead?

The report also addresses the question of mobile payments as the next big thing.

Although it's been touted by retailers, consumers don't seem to happy at the idea, with 78 per cent stating they would "never use a mobile to make purchases online."

The conclusion is that "mobile payments may be the next big thing, and fraudsters will certainly be looking to exploit this new channel, but until adoption increases it's to early to tell exactly where the risk lies for merchants."

In other words, don't hold your breath.