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Google Drive integrates with Content Raven's storage security

Ubiquitous Google Drive
Ubiquitous Google Drive

Google Drive has integrated with file storage security service Content Raven.

With the integration Google Drive users can now leverage Content Raven's technology to protect, control and track digital files. Content Raven's technology adds watermarks to files, which helps to prevent content from being illegally copied or repurposed.

To begin using Content Raven, Google Drive users must download the free Content Raven app in the Chrome Web Store. Content Raven users can also use the company's web platform to access Google Drive.

Changes to Drive

In June, Google launched unlimited storage for corporate and enterprise customers priced at only $10 (about UK£6, AU$11) per user monthly. Google Drive has more than 190 million active personal and business users monthly.

Earlier this year, Google lowered the price of its personal monthly storage plans to as little as $1.99 (about £1.19, AU$2.20) for 100GB. The same amount of digital storage had been $4.99 (about £3.00, AU$5.53). Google also dropped the price for 1TB of cloud storage from $49.99 (about £30, AU$55) to $9.99 (about £6, AU$11).