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Western Digital launches WD Sentinel DX4200 storage server with enterprise-class HDDs

The DX4000 (left) DX4200 (right)

Western Digital subsidiary WD has added to its range of Windows storage servers with the WD Sentinel DX4200, which is being aimed at SMBs and supports up to 50 users.

Launched at IP Expo, the server can house up to four enterprise-class 7200 RPM HDDs (SSDs are also supported) for a total 16TB capacity and comes with Windows storage spaces featuring software RAID for data protection.

The machine, which runs the Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 workgroup OS, houses an Intel Atom C2338 Dual Core CPU and comes with 4GB RAM (upgradable to 16GB) of error-correcting memory.

The Microsoft-certified machine comes with a proprietary dashboard that lets admins monitor storage usage and configuration, system status, networking, alerts (which are also available on mobile devices), software updates, health monitoring and performance.

Also onboard is WD SmartWave Pro backup, a backup and recovery solution that provides data back-up for 25 devices on the network.

The DX4200 is available for today £999 for the 8TB model, which rises to £1299 for the 16TB version.