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Orange set to supply UK iPad 3G data?

Apple in talks with Orange over a fruity iPad combo?
Apple in talks with Orange over a fruity iPad combo?

Orange is lining itself up to supply the data for the forthcoming Apple iPad in the UK.

The Times is citing sources which claim that the network is already in talks with Apple to supply the data plan, with other networks in the pipeline.

The tariffs offered in the US allow users to pay a fee each month to receive 3G data to surf the web on the go, ranging between 250MB to unlimited downloads.

Network networking

The same source is also stating that O2 and Vodafone are also in talks to become the data suppliers, which makes sense given that all three already have deals with Apple to sell the iPhone on our shores.

If the iPad is a success, the new data packages will intensify pressure on the UK's data networks, with O2 bearing the brunt of many angry users when their mobiles couldn't access the internet on the go.

TechRadar spoke to all three networks after the launch of the iPad last night, although none of them were able to issue any comment on whether they will offer 'tailored iPad' data packages.

Via The Times