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Apple to use iBeacons to follow shoppers around Apple Stores?

Apple to use iBeacons to follow shoppers around Apple Stores?
Apple Stores set for iBeacon enhancements

Apple is planning to install iBeacon transmitters within its retail stores, according to reports, allowing iPhone users to receive precise, location-aware notifications about products as they walk around the store.

9to5Mac reports that the tech could be used to offer shoppers more information about Macs, iPhones, iPads, accessories and more, as they pass those items within the store.

The tech is set for trial within some US retail locations in the coming weeks and is likely to be implemented through an update to the Apple Store iOS application, which will then provide the notifications.

The iBeacon functionality was built into iOS 7 and shoppers will need to be using that version of the software, and have Bluetooth enabled, according to the report.

Enhancing the experience

It is hoped that the introduction of the notifications will help enhance the shopper's experience and perhaps alert them to upcoming product workshops where they can learn about their tech.

Given how difficult it is to get anything out of some snooty Apple Store employees, this could reduce the need to ever have to talk to them again.