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Apple becomes world's biggest technology company

The Apple iPad launches in the UK this week
The Apple iPad launches in the UK this week

In the week that the iPad launches in the UK, Apple has overtaken Microsoft to become the world's biggest tech company in terms of market value.

Apple is now valued at$222bn (£154bn) ahead of Microsoft's market value of $219bn.

The last time Apple was valued ahead of Microsoft was way back in 1989, in those days before the iPod put the company back on the map.

Ballmer and Jobs

When Steve Ballmer took over at Microsoft in January 2000 the company had a market capitalisation of $556bn.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in its market capitalisation value was $15.6bn.

TechRadar will be bringing you all the news on Apple's UK iPad launch this Friday, and we anticipate some big Apple news, including details on the next generation Apple iPhone, coming out of next month's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).