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Huge Samsung 1TB PC drive arrives on a budget

Samsung's jumbo 1TB drive manages to squeeze it all into just three platters

Samsung continues to make rapid inroads into almost every market in consumer technology. Its latest innovation is a 1TB PC hard drive that achieves the feat using the world's highest recording density on just three platters, where other makers use four or more.

The $399 (about £200) 3.5-inch SATA F1 drive is currently available in the US only, but will go worldwide within a few months. Aside from that very respectable price, it puts one over on rivals such as the Hitachi disk we saw earlier this year by spinning at the same fast 7,200rpm but by including plenty of proprietary technology to sweeten the deal.

Samsung has reduced overall noise and vibration, and cut heat emissions. And the use of just three platters inside the single HDD enclosure contributes to the F1 having a massive 1.2 million hours mean time between failures. Just enough until The Simpsons finally grinds to a halt then.