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Dominoes made special cars to keep your pizza safe

Dominos DXP delivery car

While others are keen on developing new, clean energy sources for vehicles, Dominos has announced that it has made special delivery cars that will keep your pizza warm and... safe.

Yes, safe. And no, this is not a joke as there are 97 of these special delivery cars across the US right now.

Dominos' DPX is actually a modified Chevrolet Spark, containing only one spot for a person - the driver - while the rest is made up of custom compartments that "stabilize pizzas and secure drinks, dipping sauce, napkins and more."

In total the delivery car can carry up to 80 pizzas, along with breadsticks, salads, drinks, and other menu items. There's also a a special built-in warming oven that can be accessed from the outside.

And in terms of keeping your pizza safe - we're not sure what dangers a pizza might face, except for the people waiting to eat it - the DPX has a side-mounted puddle light so that the delivery guy can "step safely and keep your order out of harm's way."

Though the DPX is not a prediction shown in Back to the Future: Part II and flying cars are still to be developed, at least pizzas will now be delivered in great condition.