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Tidal slashes price, but not for the quality you really want

Tidal Music

We've been waiting for Jay Z to make a move ever since he bought Tidal in January, and now it turns out our prediction was right: he's directly taking on Spotify and Beats with the music streamer.

The service slashed its price today, now offering a "Premium" level Tidal Music subscription for just $10 (and likely £10 in the UK, though we've asked Tidal to make sure), according to an official tweet.

That's half the previous price, and Tidal is now the same price as its main competitors. But that low price comes at a different cost: inferior music quality.

Tidal was built on the promise of hi-fidelity sound quality, but the new, cheaper subscription offers only "standard" quality audio, despite the "premium" in the tier's name. To get the "lossless high fidelity" sound, you'll still have to shell out $20/£20 for a "Tidal HiFi" membership.

We know there's more big Tidal news coming soon, and this price cut is likely meant simply to whet our appetites. But given the shady way it was announced - calling the lesser service "Premium," and saying on Twitter that it includes the "same exclusive content, same access to the music" when it clearly doesn't - it may leave a sour taste for some.

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