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Sonos Play:1 sneaks on sale before it's even announced

Sonos Play 1 sneaks on sale before it's even announced
A new addition to the family

Sonos may not have officially announced it yet but its new, cheaper Play:1 speaker has gone on sale in the US.

Spotted in US megastore Target with a $199.99 (around £125 or AU$212) price tag, the Play:1 looks like a smaller speaker than its Play:3 and Play:5 brethren.

Beyond the fact that that it comes in white and black, there's not much more we can glean from the packaging shots sent to The Verge.

Sonos Play 1

Credit: The Verge

Play time

We expect that the speaker will nestle comfortably into the wireless system that Sonos has already got going with its larger speakers and Playbar devices.

The question is, will the Play:1 be a more portable speaker solution and come packing its own battery? Or will it simply be a more affordable step into the Sonos ecosystem than the larger Plays?

We feel fairly confident in saying that Sonos will be revealing all very soon.