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Apple to fix MacBook Pro trackpad problem

MacBook trackpad issues to be fixed soon
MacBook trackpad issues to be fixed soon

Apple faced embarrassment earlier this week when its smart aluminium-clad unibody MacBook Pros shipped with trackpad problems.

For an unknown reason, the trackpad would freeze after around 50 clicks, then start working after another 10 failed clicks.

This could have been a big problem for the company if the fault was hardware related – a messy recall would mean many without a shiny MacBook – but Apple claims it will be able to fix the problem with a simple firmware update.

Software fix coming soon

Steve Jobs in one of his legendary emails told a customer: "Software fix coming soon." This led to people quite rightly assuming that the glitch is software related.

But the email does lead to further speculation that Steve Jobs finds it hard typing email responses with more than four words.

It has also been noted that the humble MacBook is suffering the same trackpad problem and will also be fixed with the upcoming firmware update.