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ShopKeep POS system offers a simple starter point of sale system software from POS giant Lightspeed.

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TechRadar Verdict

Lightspeed's POS has built up a formidable package of Apple-based POS software and hardware packed full of useful reporting and analytics features. It’s perfect for both the retail and restaurant markets, while also having potential for the wider e-commerce arena.


  • +

    Simple to train staff on, easy to use

  • +

    ShopKeep's back office easily manages bulk imports and exports

  • +

    A reasonably affordable option

  • +

    Excellent customer service and support

  • +

    Backed by POS giant Lightspeed


  • -

    No longer available to new customers following Lightspeed acquisition

  • -

    Inventory can be limited compared to other options

  • -

    Limited financial reporting

  • -

    No integration with ChowNow: Online Food Ordering System

  • -

    Not able to add pictures to inventory buttons

  • -

    Known to suffer from occasional bugs

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Originally launched in 2008 ShopKeep POS quickly earned a reputation as one of the best POS software platforms for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector. 

Lightspeed, a Canadian company that offers point of sale (POS) solutions for retail and restaurant businesses for over a decade, purchased ShopKeep in 2020 giving it additional resources and ensuring its continued existence for the foreseeable future. 

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Even so, it retains the elements which made it a favourite among many SMBs, including ease of use and affordability with packages starting at less than $50 per month. ShopKeep POS offers a hybrid set up incorporating local installation or the cloud. The app runs locally on devices such as iPads, connecting to the cloud when it has an internet connection.

This means that even if there is an outage it can continue to function offering all the features and storing all the data to be uploaded when connection is restored. Today ShopKeep is used by over 20,000 businesses in the US and Canada. Its main selling point is the ability to provide all the features you need within an affordable POS package. 

Check out the Lightspeed POS website, who now own ShopKeep, to find the right POS system for your business today. Alternatively, competitor products include QuickBooks POS, AirPOS, Shopify, EposNow and Square POS.

ShopKeep POS: Pricing

Like many POS software packages, ShopKeep's pricing depends on the number of locations you have, the type of subscription and when you want to be billed.

Merchants with one register and one employee on the lookout for a simple sales-reports-only subscription will be pleased to get their subscription for free from ShopKeep. 

Otherwise, the basic package starts at $49 per month when billed annually or $69 per month billed annually.

The next level up, Essentials costs $79 per month when billed annually or $99 per month when billed monthly. 

Finally, their most advanced option costs $179 when billed annually and $199 when billed monthly. 

ShopKeep POS: Features

ShopKeep POS iPad system

Lightspeed inventory management (Image Credit: Lightspeed) (Image credit: ShopKeep POS)

ShopKeep has three versions of its software depending on the plan you choose. However, even at its most basic, you get all the standard features you’ll need including unlimited transactions, a mobile app, free card reader, sales reports, employee management and inventory management. 

If you upgrade to the ‘Essentials’ package, you benefit from features such as an ecommerce store, the ability to send invoices, send gift cards and set restrictions for selling things such as alcohol. 

More advanced features offer the likes of social media management, customer loyalty programs and priority phone support and ecommerce. Eligible customers can also request a cash advance using ShopKeep Capital. Launched in 2017 this allows store owners to request a cash advance without the need for monthly repayments. 

A set percentage of proceeds will go towards paying off the advance. It provides working capital, helps overcome cash flow shortages and makes it possible to make investments such as purchasing equipment or inventory. Most importantly, though, it delivers on its fundamental task: to process payments securely and efficiently. 

ShopKeep POS: Interface and in use

This is where the ShopKeep Point of Sale app really stands out. Many of its competitors POS apps feel dry, corporate or overly complicated. Here, everything is laid out in a clear and easy to use format. The first-time installation set up takes you step by step through everything you need to do, laying out clear instructions. ShopKeep POS runs on the cloud so you can provide access to any location which needs, it integrates all of your data into the one dashboard. 

As an added bonus, ShopKeep POS can integrate with other payment apps as well as offering you the option of its own payments, which makes it easy to integrate to existing systems. While other POS apps can appear overloaded and jumbled, this interface is crisp and clear. It ensures you only really have as much information on display as you’ll realistically need at any one time.

ShopKeep POS: Support

ShopKeep POS customer support employee at computer with ShopKeep POS branding

(Image credit: Lightspeed POS)

ShopKeep customer support continues is available online and by phone 24 hours a day. You can phone their customer service line to resolve questions or access online chat through the back end. The website is also packed with education content and guides to help you understand how to use the system and answer any common questions you have. They continue to populate the site with support articles and videos about everything to do with the POS including setting up the hardware, managing payments and integrating it for ecommerce. 

The service has also built its reputation on having outstanding customer service which responds promptly to customer concerns and feedback. They are continually monitoring the platform and engaging with their user base to see what problems need fixing. If you have a basic question, a comprehensive FAQ section will probably have an answer. 

Final verdict

ShopKeep POS system is a solid, reliable and easy to use point of sale platform. The low cost will make it more attractive to small businesses, while the intuitive POS interface means people will not need a computer science degree to make it work for them. 

Where users do complain, it’s most likely to be around the issues of bugs and the additional fee for using Quickbooks (who also have their own QuickBooks POS system, which we reviewed). Nevertheless, this is a solid, and reliable player in the POS market. Moreover, with Lightspeed now taking it on, it has access to more resources to build on the reputation it already has.

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