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It isn’t enough to just buy a high-performing computer. You must also maintain it in good shape and continually check for flaws and fix them. CCleaner has tools to constantly monitor your PC for any errors and correct them where applicable. It’s an ideal tool for every PC user that prioritizes speed and performance.


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    Good feature set

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    Quick download and installation


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    No free version

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    Relatively expensive

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Piriform is the British software company behind CCleaner though it is now owned by the Czech cybersecurity software giant Avast after being purchased in 2017. CCleaner is a top-rated system optimization tool globally and as of 2016, Piriform claimed over 2 billion downloads for the software. 

There are different versions of CCleaner, including one for individual use and another explicitly for business use. We’re reviewing CCleaner Business, so you can easily judge if it’s an ideal tool for your company or not. 

We’re evaluating the software based on specific criteria, including features, pricing, customer support, user-friendliness, compatibility, etc. 


CCleaner Business is geared toward small businesses with just a few PCs while CCleaner Cloud is better suited to SMBs and enterprise businesses (Image credit: Piriform)

Plans and pricing

CCleaner Business is available through an annual subscription. It costs $30 yearly for a license for one computer. You’ll have to pay for a license for every computer you wish to install it on, which could add up to a lot if you run a mid-sized or large business.  Hence, the recommended limit is five PCs for CCleaner Business. However, you can use CCleaner Cloud for anything more than five PCs in a cost-effective way. 

You can pay directly for the software on the official CCleaner website and download the setup file. The supported payment methods include PayPal as well as credit/debit cards. 

There is no free version or free trial of CCleaner Business. However, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the software and wish to request a refund.


Automation using command line scripting is one of the main draws of CCleaner Business (Image credit: Piriform)


Driver Updater

Missing or outdated disk drivers are common reasons for slow PC performance. CCleaner has an inbuilt tool to scan your PC’s drivers and show you the outdated or missing ones. You can update the obsolete ones or download new ones within the app to improve performance. 

You can set specific schedules for the Driver Updater to run automatic checks, for example, daily or weekly. 

Junk File Deletion

CCleaner identifies and deletes any junk files taking up unnecessary space on your PC.

Registry Cleaner

Scan for redudant or invalid Windows registry entries and easily delete them with CCleaner Business (Image credit: Piriform)

Registry Cleaner

Redundant or invalid entries in your Windows registry are also common reasons for slow performance. Hence, CCleaner lets you scan your registry for any such entries and delete them. Once it identifies them, you can delete them individually or collectively. 

Software Uninstaller

CCleaner enables you to completely uninstall software programs either individually or in groups without any leftover files afterward.

Browser Protection

You can also find and delete cookies, download history and other files from all of your browsers (Image credit: Piriform)

Browser Protection

CCleaner protects your identity online by clearing browsing data after each session. This feature is valuable mainly for businesses. 

Command Line Scripting

CCleaner Business supports a command-line interface from which you can operate it. This feature is a core difference between the Business version and the standard CCleaner software. 

Interface and in use

CCleaner Business has a neat and uncluttered interface. All its features are grouped under different toolbars in an easily accessible way. It’s easy to understand and navigate through.


Piriform's searchable knowledge base can help you find answers to common problems quickly (Image credit: Piriform)


CCleaner offers customer support through email. There’s also a knowledge base, FAQ page, and video tutorials published online to help users understand the software. 

The competition

Common alternatives to CCleaner Business include Iolo System Mechanic and ReviverSoft Total PC Care.  Let’s draw a quick comparison table:

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Row 0 - Cell 0 CCleaner Business System MechanicTotal PC Care
Free trial periodNone30 daysNone

Final verdict

CCleaner is a reliable system optimization tool for businesses, mainly small businesses. It has the right features to continually check for errors on your PC and fix them where applicable. However, it has some drawbacks, including having no free version or being relatively expensive for small businesses considering the cost per license. 

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