Canon Pixma Pro-100 review

Affordable A3+ photo printing

Canon Pixma Pro-100 review
The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is cheaper than the Pro-1

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The new Canon Pixma Pro-100 succeeds in retaining the excellent colour printing ability of the Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark II it replaces. It also adds great black and white performance, which combines with relatively spritely printing speed to make it an outstanding all-rounder.

We liked

The accurate yet punchy print quality in colour and black and white images, coupled with the excellent build and decent printing speed, are great assets to the printer.

We disliked

Prints on matt paper don't stand up to the same scrutiny as those on glossy photo paper, plus the slightly higher cost of ink compared to the Canon Pixma Pro-1 is also disappointing.

Final verdict

Although Canon's Pixma Pro-1 still offers the ultimate in A3+ (13 x 19 inches) print quality, we've been impressed at how close the Canon Pixma Pro-100 comes to matching the performance of its considerably pricier sibling.

Despite being around 30% lighter than the Canon Pixma Pro-1, build quality is superb. And though the Canon Pixma Pro-100 is no featherweight, we'd sooner trade portability for robustness.

But the Canon Pixma Pro-100's real trump card is its price, costing around a third less than the Canon Pixma Pro-1. Considering the print quality of the two is so close, it's difficult to justify spending the extra unless you need slightly faster print times or often use matt paper.