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Kensington WiFi Finder Plus review

Sniff out Wi-Fi hotspots without wasting your battery

Our Verdict

An affordable and functional tool that can save you time and lengthen laptop battery life


  • Handy keyring design

    Gives instant estimate of signal strength


  • Less effective in built-up areas

With Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world and more appearing all the time, it's easier than ever to connect to the internet on the move. However, it's frustrating having to boot your laptop to simply check your emails, only to find you're out of range of any Wi-Fi signals, or even worse, stranded without a connection at all.

To save yourself time, the WiFi Finder Plus from Kensington (£13 inc. VAT) is a tiny network detector that can tell you if you're in range of a wireless signal. Designed as a keyring, you never need be without it. One click of a button is all you need to sniff out Wi-Fi networks, and get an instant estimate of signal strength.

When used on the move, we were able to easily find our way to strong wireless networks. But be warned: it's less effective in built-up areas. By reducing the amount of times you need to boot your laptop, the battery life can be greatly increased, making this an affordable and functional tool.