Acer S277HK review

A bezel-less beauty

Acer S277HK review

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We liked

Priced similar to most other 4K displays that have a 30 Hz refresh rate, the S227HK outpaces the competition with a faster 60 Hz refresh rate at full UHD resolution and a premium design. The 4ms refresh rate makes the display suitable for gaming, ideal for video, and a great companion for desktop productivity. Acer has a winning package with an affordable price tag in the S227HK.

And as the S227HK comes with HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, and mini DisplayPort connectivity, Acer also supplied most of the cables to get you connected right out of the box. The only cable missing is a mini DisplayPort cable.

We disliked

Though performance and design are top-notch on the S277HK, when it comes to ergonomics Acer chose form over function.

There are no USB ports to easily connect or charge peripherals, forcing users to reach for their laptops or PCs. Additionally, users cannot adjust the height of the display or mount the S277HK to a wall to save desk space in a cramped office.

Ironically, even though Acer focused on design with the metal base and asymmetrical stand on the S277HK, the monitor itself would feel cluttered in an open-air front office setting given that all the cable connections run on the back side.

Final verdict

There is a lot to like about Acer's 4K display. The S277HK offers uncompromised performance in an elegant package.

Although rear port placement and cable clutter may prevent the S227HK from making the cut in a minimalist front office, its good looks will make Acer's offering an excellent companion in many workspaces.

With a 60 Hz, 4ms refresh rate at maximum resolution, the S277HK is a versatile monitor that could be used for productivity and play. Picture-in-picture mode, side-by-side screen mode, and a bezel-less design give users plenty of multitasking options with a single-display setup or with multiple S277HKs.