MSI GS70 Stealth review

Is this the perfect gaming notebook?

MSI GS70 Stealth
Is the MSI GS70 the perfect gaming notebook?

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The MSI GS70 is a consistently impressive laptop: it's got more power than most machines twice its size, and it's crammed inside a stylish, strong chassis that's got more in common with Ultrabooks than traditional desktop replacements.

MSI GS70 Stealth review

The screen is good, and the speakers are decent, although battery life isn't great - and it's noisy when it runs tough applications, too.

We liked

There's little we can criticise about the MSI GS70's design. It's made almost entirely from brushed aluminium, its gunmetal-grey finish looks classier than most of the gaming-laptop competition, and it's covered in smart, demure details that are a far cry from the tacky stickers and garish lights that litter many other machines.

MSI GS70 Stealth review

Build quality is excellent, and the keyboard and trackpad don't go far wrong: the former has consistent, comfortable keys with plenty of travel, and the latter is large and responsive.

The processor has enough oomph to handle high-end work applications, and the graphics card is powerful enough to play the latest games without too much compromise in terms of graphics quality. The storage is great, too: the dual SSDs are rapid, and the 1TB hard disk is more than big enough.

And, finally, there's the screen. Its 17-inch diagonal and 1,920 x 1,080 are good, and quality is generally high, with impressive measured brightness and contrast levels. As it's a TN panel, it's also got excellent viewing angles.

We disliked

The MSI GS70 has a sealed battery that can't be replaced or swapped, and it's not exactly a class leader when it comes to longevity.

The screen's colour accuracy is only average, and that means it's not suitable for imaging work that depends on this kind of thing - a hard-nosed workstation machine, or an Apple MacBook Pro, will have a more accurate screen.

Final verdict

The MSI GS70 is a fantastic marriage of style and substance: plenty of power and a great screen crammed inside a chassis that's thinner, lighter and better-looking than most of its rivals.

Heavy, staid machines such as the Schenker XMG P703 are better for pure power, but if you want a machine that's powerful and portable - and you can afford the £1,679 price tag - the MSI GS70 is a contender.

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