Lenovo Z40 review

Avoid this budget laptop no matter the cost

Lenovo Z40 review

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Overall, the Lenovo Z40 is a disappointing machine even with the admission that it was made with affordability in mind. There simply isn't anything of note or surprising about the laptop, all the while it has too many shortcomings.

We liked

Honestly, this will be a very short section as really nothing to worthwhile to point out about this laptop. It offers some decent performance for everyday tasks, and you can even ask it to play some of the latest games to hit stores. That's the most positive thing I have to say about the Z40.

We disliked

Even at first glance, the Z40 didn't inspire much confidence. Upon opening up the laptop, I was disappointed by the laptop's poor build quality and lack of uniform design.

Using the screen is an absolute chore, as you'll have to steadily hold your neck in the same position, lest you encounter the display's extremely narrow viewing angles. Even when you do get a good picture, the screen is still hampered by its own dull brightness and washed out contrast.

Perhaps the most offensive thing users won't like about the Z40 is its well below average three hour battery life. Simply put, the Z40 is easily beat by the crop of Chromebooks out there when it comes to lasting power – and for hundreds less.

Final verdict

It's tough to recommend the Lenovo Z40 in any case, that's pretty much the long and short of it. There are plenty of better options out there. Even with its bigger price tag, I highly recommend the Acer Aspire V7 for a 14-inch laptop, if you can still find it. This model splits the difference between gaming and affordable laptops beautifully with a gorgeous screen and better performance than the Z40 overall.

I'll also warily recommend the Lenovo Flex 14 for its stronger components and better price. Having reviewed the Lenovo Flex 2 15 as well, I can attest that Lenovo's budget machines are notorious for subpar screens. With that in mind, find either laptop in a store before making the purchase. Otherwise, I would recommend looking in either direction for a laptop, whether that's affordability and longevity or power in a premium build.

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