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TechRadar Verdict

With its high-tech sensors and cameras, award-winning monitoring centers and a range of packages available, Guardian Protection should be the first on your list of security services to call. Their quote might not be the lowest and their contract may well be the longest, but their level of security and service may well be the highest.


  • +

    Packages include both security and home automation

  • +

    Scalable solutions to suit small to medium sized business

  • +

    Established brand with a strong reputation for monitoring

  • +

    Includes home automation such as garage door control

  • +

    Sophisticated equipment like Doorbell Camera Pro available


  • -

    No DIY option, professional installation only

  • -

    You’re bound to a three year contract at the least

  • -

    Not all of the US is covered

  • -

    Fewer security features and cameras available than Vivint

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Guardian Protection is a smart security system expert providing bespoke installation with 24-hour monitoring for both home and enterprise. Founded in 1950, the company is headquartered in Warrendale PA and covers most of the US where it has over a quarter million customers. 

With regular recommendations by TMA (The Monitoring Association) it has a strong reputation for service, while offering a very broad array of smart security devices and scaled solutions to its customers. These begin with the basic standard security package costing $250 (plus ongoing monitoring fee) and can be tailored to fit a large multi-site business. Guardian Protection says that its average response time is around twenty seconds after which they will either alert the first responders or send one of their own trained specialists.

In addition to burglar alarms, Guardian Protection offers indoor and outdoor security cameras, panic buttons, a video doorbell and smart sensors for detecting smoke, CO2 and movement. It will also install home automation devices such as motorized garage doors and keyless entry systems based on geo-location. 


Guardian Protection offers a wide variety of home and business packages to suit your needs (Image credit: Guardian Protection)

Plans and pricing

The entry-level standard security package costs $250 for which you get three door/window sensors, a motion detector with free professional installation and control via a touchscreen wall panel and a smartphone app. That’s a lot for such a low initial outlay, but don’t forget the subscription fee. You’ll need to sign a minimum 36-month contract costing around $30 for the basic security package to $46 per month for additional features. That also seems reasonable for 24/7 monitoring and a response from real US-based people.

There’s no upper limit to the cost because bespoke systems can cater to really large organisations. If you’re a small to medium sized business, you can contact the company through its website for a free quote. Like ADT, Guardian Protection offers a 6-month money-back guarantee and a $500 Theft Protection guarantee. You are also entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days of installation if you are not entirely happy.


Guardian Protection provides feature-packed security systems and monitoring solutions (Image credit: Guardian Protection)


When it comes to defending your home, Guardian Protection has a lot of the latest security devices in its arsenal. There are smart door and window sensors and motion sensors linked by wi-fi to your alarm and your touchscreen control panel. Other sensors detect heat, smoke, CO2 and water. There’s a video doorbell and high definition security cameras for inside and outside your property. To add an element of automation to your home security system, Guardian Protection can add a garage door opener, smart lights and a smart door lock. The lock works with or without a key and can be activated by geo-location. In other words, your door automatically unlocks when it detects your smartphone approaching.

Guardian EdgePremium

Guardian Protection's business software includes a wide variety of features (Image credit: Guardian Protection)

Small to medium sized enterprises will be interested in the Guardian EdgePremium software providing an intuitive way to control and monitor the security of their business. From a laptop or mobile device anywhere in the world, business owners will be able to remotely arm and disarm the security system, receive real-time alerts, control employee access and receive reports on all monitored activity.

The video surveillance can be linked to activity outside, or inside the premises. A camera could be triggered, for instance, by someone opening the cash register. In the event of a break-in, the first responders can be automatically alerted if that’s what you arranged with Guardian Protection. If you are actually on the premises at the time, you can press the panic button on the smartphone app to discretely summon the police.

The standard security page includes, three PowerG door/window sensor modules, one PowerG motion detector, an IQ2 PowerG wall panel to control it with free installation and 24/7 professional monitoring at $30 per month. If you step up to the $46/month package, you can also expect video surveillance from your security cameras.


The cost of your security system pales in comparison to what you'll need to pay for Guardian Protection's maintenance, monitoring and response service (Image credit: Guardian Protection)

Installing a Guardian Protection system is just the beginning. What you’re really paying for is the ongoing maintenance, monitoring and response service. With no DIY option you leave it up to professionals to secure your premises and let them update or fix it if necessary. The installation is included in the initial cost, while the support is covered by the rolling subscription cost. 

Guardian Protection has been awarded Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation by TMA on successive occasions and its rapid response rate is impressive. In the event of an alarm being raised — be it smoke, CO2 or an intruder — you can expect a reaction from the response team right away. They will notify you via the app of course, but they can also contact the emergency services directly. 

Guardian Protection can monitor all fifty states in the US but for new installation and support you must be inside the service footprint which currently covers Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

The competition

Guardian Protection’s closest competitors are ADT, Vivint and Brinks Home Security, though there are important differences between them. There are also plenty of other more affordable DIY solutions by newer brands such as Frontpoint, SimpliSafe and Abode to choose from.

ADT is has been around even longer than Guardian Protection and has a similar reputation for good service. It too requires professional installation and an ongoing subscription charge in order to receive its professional monitoring service, but ADT covers 48 states in the US and other countries. ADT has fewer security features with its less sophisticated devices, but a more robust response to an alarm with security fog generators and private security guards ready to visit your property in person. 

Vivint offers a wider range of security and home automation devices which means it offers a few more features. That makes the equipment cost a little higher than Guardian Protection and while its monitoring is a little cheaper, it is not so highly regarded. 

Off-the-shelf security solutions as offered by SimpliSafe are far more affordable because you are not paying for installation and service. You don’t need to pay for SimpliSafe’s 24/7 professional monitoring either, but it is recommended. Frontpoint and Abode offer comparable smart security packages with optional 24/7 monitoring. 

Final verdict

We have no hesitation in recommending Guardian Protect to any homeowner or SMB looking to protect their property, especially if you prefer to leave the installation and monitoring up to the professionals. The company has a long history and a great reputation with multiple awards which all adds to the peace of mind that you’re paying for. It is not the cheapest option and with a minimum of three years for the shortest contract, signing up to Guardian Protect is something of a commitment too. But what you’re really paying for here is the monitoring and maintenance service that Guardian Protect does so well. 

The standard package is enough to secure a small business, but the scalable nature of these packages means that you can easily add cameras and sensors to cover a larger premises and also incorporate some home automaton device such as garage door locks and smart lights, which will further help to deter thieves.

How we reviewed

We usually like to get hands-on when it comes to testing, but in this case, calling in and installing each security system was just not at all practical. Instead, we compared every aspect of the ten biggest names in home and business security and awarded scores within a range of comparable parameters. Totting up the totals, while taking into account the various costs (and hidden costs) provided our overall ratings. However, choosing your own security solution is going to depend on your situation, which is unique to you, so please read the full reviews before making a decision.

Can I save money by installing and monitoring the equipment myself? 

No. Guardian Protection insist on installing their equipment themselves to make sure it is set up effectively and not in a way that could be triggered accidentally. There are plenty of other companies offering off-the-shelf DIY equipment if you prefer to economize in this way. And all of Guardian Protection’s packages include a fee for professional 24/7 monitoring of around $30/month.

Can I just forget about security and leave it all up to Guardian Protection? 

Pretty much, yes. Guardian Protection has a great reputation for monitoring and response. Its monitoring stations are staffed around the clock and have received full Five Diamond certification by TMA (the monitoring association). You can expect a response within thirty seconds and you can let their professionals call the first responders. You will also receive an alert on your phone any time an alarm is triggered, which you can react to yourself and you can view your security camera footage at any time from anywhere using your smartphone and the Guardian Protection app. But the real peace of mind comes in knowing you have professionals doing this for you. 


You'll need to own or rent a home to have one of Guardian Protection's security systems installed (Image credit: Guardian Protection)

Can anyone get Guardian Protection installed?

No. Like many other security firms, Guardian Protection doesn’t cover rented apartments. Rented houses and other premises are fine. And although Guardian Protection monitors all fifty states, you need to be inside the service footprint for installation. Currently that’s Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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