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FleetGO offers an impressive level of customization and granular details on your fleet, but its online presence needs fresh content and better training material.


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    Multiple add-ons

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    Add-ons also available standalone

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    API access


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    Inactive social media accounts

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    Pricing details not provided

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FleetGO is a cloud-based fleet management solution provider headquartered in the Netherlands. Founded in 2010, the company offers telematics solutions to customers with small, medium and large fleet sizes.

The firm caters to over 4,000 clients across Europe and helps manage over 45,000 vehicles. It currently has offices in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.


FleetGO doesn’t display the pricing of its Telematics solution, nor does it mention the minimum contract period on the website. However, what we do know is that a minimum of five vehicles must be in the fleet to be eligible to purchase FleetGO.

The company does, however, list various other products like Easy Connect which offers a GPS tracking service. This product is a cloud-based solution with a lifetime warranty, mobile apps, and comes without any contract. The price of FleetGO Easy Connect is £8 per vehicle per month. 

Similarly, the remote Tacho download feature that helps by automatically transferring all driver files to the cloud for storage (for up to 10 years) and complies with European regulations is available at £15 per vehicle per month. Furthermore, a Tachograph Analysis application is priced at £15 per vehicle per month.

There are other solutions like Trailer Tracking services, Mileage Tracking, Green Driving, Temperature Tracking, and more besides, but pricing isn’t mentioned online and the company expects businesses to contact them directly.


FleetGO offers a flexible telematics solution that can be scaled up or customized based on requirements, thanks to the various add-ons it offers, as mentioned above. Its solution is compatible with almost all the major brands of hardware suppliers from the European region.

The FleetGO platform offers insights into granular details of the fleet like customized and detailed reports, action-based triggers, and other events which keeps the operator in total control of the fleet.

Some of the key features of the FleetGO telematics solution are listed below: 

Real-time tracking: Like any fleet tracking solution, FleetGO offers real-time tracking of vehicles on the move. Its easy to use interface helps optimize fleet operations, detect suspicious activities and collect useful information on the vehicles as well as the drivers.

Plug and play hardware: FleetGO offers two different easy to connect GPS tracking devices with a lifetime warranty. The first is the OBD dongle that connects with the vehicle’s OBD port, while the FGT1000 is hardwired with the vehicle’s battery. 

Historical data: FleetGO stores vehicle activity by tracking details like routes, trips, locations visited and so on, and makes this available in detail with unlimited history. This feature is compliant with local regulatory policies. 

Alerts and notifications: FleetGO offers alerts and notifications based on automatically triggered events. These can be customized easily for the web-based platform.

Geo-fencing: This feature allows companies to define a virtual boundary. When a vehicle enters or moves out of its geo-fenced area, the system sends an alert via WhatsApp, SMS, email or even an automated call. It also has a feature to raise an alert in case an asset is operational outside its working hours. 

Role-based access: FleetGO's solution offers role-based access to ensure that only authorized people get to access the relevant information, hence maintaining privacy.

API integration: FleetGO allows API integration with various other software that lets businesses use a single dashboard to manage operations.

UDS remote diagnostics: FleetGO lets operators retrieve and analyze remote diagnostics data like DTCs, PIDs, MIL, Condition Based Service, and similar details pertaining to vehicle health, ensuring timely servicing and good upkeep of the vehicle.

Tyre pressure monitoring: The wireless 24/7 tyre pressure monitoring system sends alerts based on preset high/low air pressure levels. This system can also anticipate a needed tyre change, and even detect a deflating tyre, thus it helps in increasing the lifespan of the tyre and overall performance of the vehicle.

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FleetGO offers assistance via phone calls, email and an online form. The website does not mention the time of availability of the support team, but it is safe to assume that they are available during the working hours on weekdays. 

The online knowledgebase is limited to the digital tachograph and connected cars. There aren’t many FAQs available in case one needs some help.

FleetGO’s Facebook account seems dormant, much like its official YouTube channel which has not seen any activity of late. So overall, if you need help, bear in mind that you’ve got limited options at your disposal.

Final verdict

FleetGO offers an interesting mix of services, but its website lacks a lot of information and clarity. The company is not yet accredited with Better Business Bureau, but still has an A+ rating on the portal.

Since there are no user reviews or complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, opting for a free trial may be a good way to assess if FleetGO’s offerings match your requirements.

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