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TechRadar Verdict

FleetGO offers an impressive level of customization and granular details on your fleet, but its online presence needs fresh content and better training material.


  • +

    Multiple add-ons available

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    API access

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    Free month trial

  • +

    10 year data storage


  • -

    Minimal social media accounts

  • -

    Opaque pricing

  • -

    Limited self help, with few videos

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FleetGO is a cloud-based fleet management solution provider headquartered in the Netherlands. Founded in 2010, the company offers telematics solutions to customers with small, medium, and large fleet sizes. 

The firm caters to over 5,000 clients across Europe and helps manage over 50,000 vehicles throughout the continent. In addition to its headquarters in the Netherlands, it maintains offices in the UK, Germany, and Istanbul.

FleetGO: Pricing

FleetGO doesn’t display the pricing of its Telematics solution, but it does mention that it is monthly terminable. Last we heard, a minimum fleet size of five vehicles is necessary to be eligible to purchase FleetGO. As is typical in this type of service, you're required to fill out a form outlining your potential needs to receive a custom quote via email. You also have the option to go through guided questions on the portal or reach out using the provided phone number.

Previously, FleetGO displayed the pricing of some of its other services, featuring a monthly subscription cost of around $10-20 per month for each asset tracked. Regrettably, FleetGO's current services, such as Trailer Tracking, Mileage Tracking, Green Driving, Temperature Tracking, do not feature online pricing. Rather, the company encourages businesses to contact them directly, a more time-consuming process that could easily be solved if the company provided transparent pricing.

FleetGO: Features

FleetGO offers a flexible telematics solution that can be scaled up or customized to meet specific needs thanks to the various add-ons on offer. Its solution is compatible with the major hardware suppliers in Europe.

The FleetGO platform provides operators complete control of their fleets by offering detailed insights through tools such as customized and detailed reports, action-based triggers, and other events. Included with the plan is 10 years of safe data storage, presumably applicable as long as the plan remains active, along with a 3-year on-site warranty.

Some of the key features of the FleetGO telematics solution are detailed below: 

Real-time tracking: FleetGO, like other fleet tracking solutions, provides real-time tracking of moving vehicles. Its simple-to-use interface helps to improve fleet operations, detect suspicious activity, and collect useful information on both vehicles and drivers.

Plug and play hardware: FleetGO offers two easy-to-use GPS tracking devices with a lifetime warranty. The first is the OBD dongle, which plugs into the vehicle's OBD port, while the FGT1000 is hardwired to the vehicle's battery. 

Historical data: FleetGO keeps track of vehicle activity by recording information such as routes, trips, and visited locations. More importantly, it has an unlimited historical archive, in accordance with local regulatory standards, so users can access detailed information no matter how old it is. 

Alerts and notifications: FleetGO provides alerts and notifications that are automatically triggered by events. These alerts and notifications can be easily customized on its web platform.

Geo-fencing: This feature allows companies to create virtual perimeters or geofences. When a vehicle enters or exits a geo-fenced area, FleetGo’s system notifies operators by sending an alert via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or even an automated phone call. It also has a feature that sends an alert if an asset is operating outside of its regular working hours. 

Role-based access: FleetGO's solution maintains privacy through role-specific access, allowing only authorized individuals to retrieve relevant information.

API integration: FleetGO allows businesses to manage their operations from a single dashboard by integrating with various other software via APIs.

UDS remote diagnostics: FleetGO allows operators to retrieve and analyze remote diagnostics data, such as DTCs, PIDs, MIL, Condition Based Service, and other vehicle health-related information. This then ensures timely servicing and proper maintenance of the vehicle to eliminate costly downtime.

Tire pressure monitoring: The wireless 24/7 tire pressure monitoring system sends alerts when tire pressure is too high or too low. It can also predict when a tire needs to be changed and can even detect a slow leak by analyzing the tire pressure over time. This can then help extend tire life and improve vehicle performance. 

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FleetGO: Support

FleetGO provides support through phone calls, direct email, and a Knowledge Base, which predominantly focuses on digital tachographs and telematics. While it includes a few articles, there's room for improvement with a larger and more refined information database. We also did not find any webinars, videos, or ebooks in the database.

Unfortunately, FleetGo does not specify its support team's operating hours, so we’ll have to assume it’s available during typical working hours on weekdays.

FleetGO’s Facebook account seems underutilized with only a few updates per month. Its official YouTube channel has been inactive for the past 10 months and features only 13 videos in total. Overall, bear in mind that you’ve got limited options at your disposal on the self-help side of things with FleetGo.

FleetGO: Final verdict

FleetGO offers a unique set of services, however, its website suffers from a lack of information, detail, and clarity. Despite not being accredited with the Better Business Bureau, the company maintains an A+ rating on the portal and has not received any published complaints.

While it has rather limited reviews, FleetGo does offer a free trial, which can be a sensible opportunity to determine if its offerings are a good fit for your needs.

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