FilePizza review

Fast and free peer-to-peer file transfers

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TechRadar Verdict

FilePizza is a useful web service that allows you to share files online. It is easy to use and does not require any file uploads to third-party servers, but rather uses in-browser P2P file transfers – plus it’s also free.


  • +

    A fast method for file transfers

  • +


  • +

    Secure and private file sharing


  • -

    File sender and receiver must be online at the same time

  • -

    Lack of any product info on the website

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File transfer is an online task that requires performance as well as a reliable medium of shifting said files. Certainly, there are plenty of file transfer tools out there to choose from, including cloud storage apps, or sharing files via chat or email, to pick some commonly used methods.

Amidst all the different ways you can transfer files, there’s another option: namely the peer-to-peer technology that FilePizza uses. If you are looking for a secure file transfer solution that is easy to figure out and use, you are bound to like FilePizza. It offers a free and simple way of sending files to other individuals.


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FilePizza is an open source product which transfers files via your web browser using WebRTC and WebTorrent. All you really need to know is that you open the FilePizza site in your browser, drag a file in there, and you get a link which you can send to the person you want to receive the file. They use that link to get the file from you – and it’s as simple as that.

This supreme ease-of-use is obviously a highly compelling feature in itself. There are other advantages here in that FilePizza works on a simple peer-to-peer platform that does not involve any intermediary servers for file storage. In other words, this system does not send files to third-party servers, and so doesn’t involve anyone else in the data transfer process.

Instead, as mentioned, FilePizza generates a share link that you can send to a contact, and when the recipient opens that link, the file is shared directly from your computer. This feature removes any need to upload any file to the FilePizza server or any other internet server. If you close the FilePizza window, the file transfer is cut off, which gives you control over the process. 

It’s also worth noting that FilePizza is a useful utility if you are frequently having to transfer large files. The application does not set a restriction on the maximum file size, like other file-sharing apps or tools. This gives you a chance to share very large files that one or even multiple recipients can download.


(Image credit: Filepizza)


The only real drawback associated with this utility is the lack of information and assistance on its website. In fact, the website is extremely sparse full-stop. Still, FilePizza really is that simple to use that you shouldn’t need much in the way of instructions anyway. A FAQ link at the bottom of the homepage should take care of all your product-related queries

Final verdict

In a market flooded with peer-to-peer file transfer applications, FilePizza maintains its own identity as open source software. It uses clever web technology to transfer even large files in a fast, secure and reliable manner.