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Customer feedback that you can act on

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AskNicely is a seamless software for getting actionable feedback from customers. The software is especially helpful if you can integrate it into your existing CRM for automation.


  • +

    Integrates with most major CRMs

  • +

    Automated workflows based on survey scores

  • +

    Analytics dashboard is very customizable


  • -

    Must contact AskNicely for pricing

  • -

    NPS score may not give a complete picture

  • -

    Survey question format can be restrictive

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AskNicely is a highly flexible customer feedback software that’s designed to work seamlessly for businesses. The platform allows you to survey users via email, a website, or a mobile app, and the simple form interface helps encourage responses.

Better yet, AskNicely supports automated workflows so you can follow up with dissatisfied customers and add positive testimonials to your website.

Is AskNicely the right survey software for your business? Let’s dive into a comprehensive AskNicely review to find out.

Plans and pricing

AskNicely doesn’t put a specific price on its core product. Instead, you have to contact the company to get a quote for the tools and services you want. The company also has a mobile app to improve your employees’ performance and some enterprise-scale options like support for multiple brands.

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AskNicely covers a lot of ground. The platform not only helps you craft surveys, but also ensures you can act on the responses you receive.

Customer surveys

The surveys that AskNicely allows you to create are simple and effective. Most questions can be answered with a single button click—for example, setting up questions with answers on a 0-10 scale is easy within the software. They can also be delivered anywhere you meet your customers, whether that’s in their inbox, online, or through a mobile app.

AskNicely’s surveys are also highly customizable. You can add your own branding and use a custom color scheme, as well as send surveys from a custom email domain. Surveys also tailor themselves to specific customers based on their responses. However, this can be a little difficult to control since question branching is based on an aggregate survey score rather than answers to specific questions.

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Automated workflows

Perhaps the best thing about AskNicely is the level of automation baked in. You can set the software to automatically survey a subsample of customers in your CRM on a monthly basis or trigger surveys from your CRM after specific events like a new sale. It’s also possible to create automated emails that go out to survey respondents based on their score, allowing you to immediately follow up with unhappy customers. Helpfully, AskNicely also has a built-in setting to ensure that no single contact receives multiple automated surveys over a short timespan.


AskNicely also does a nice job integrating with your existing business software. The platform plugs into major CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk, allowing you to integrate feedback into your record of interactions with your customers. Integration with Slack lets you push surveys with specific responses into your message board, making it easier to stay on top of problems and reward team members for strong performance.

Most of AskNicely’s integrations are included with the software. However, beware that there are a few premium add-ons that will cost you extra or that are only available to enterprise users.

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Interface and in use

At the heart of AskNicely’s offering is the Net Promoter Score (NPS score), which aggregates survey responses to give you a single indicator of customer sentiment. This score isn’t broken down into categories in AskNicely, so it can be hard to dig into your data without going all the way down to the level of individual survey questions.

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That said, AskNicely comes with an organized analytics dashboard that lets you slice up your NPS scores according to the categories that matter to your business. You can sort by geographic location, team, or any custom field within your CRM. This flexibility allows you to really put the data you collect from customers to work.

The survey designer is on par with the high quality of the rest of AskNicely’s software. You have total control over questions, content, and response types. While you don’t get access to a drag-and-drop editor, the design interface is relatively easy to figure out.


AskNicely offers responsive support through multiple channels. You can get in touch with the company via phone during business hours, or via email or web chat 24/7. AskNicely also offers a blog and monthly webinars, which are helpful for learning more about how you can put the software to work for your business. While there is a documentation library, it’s not all that comprehensive relative to the scope of the platform.

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The competition

It’s hard to beat AskNicely if you want a simple customer satisfaction software that integrates with your existing CRM. That said, competitors like SogoSurvey put a few more tools at your disposal, including employee engagement surveys and online quizzes. You may also want to check out Typeform, which allows you to create more elaborate questions and offers more control over automatic question branching within your surveys.

Final verdict

AskNicely is a very powerful software for increasing your customer satisfaction and engagement. The platform makes it easy to create tailored surveys to get feedback on how your business is doing, while automated workflows ensure that this information makes it to the people who need it most. At the same time, integration with popular CRMs ensures that AskNicely will fit into your existing business processes so you can get the most out of the software.

The only caveat is that almost everything is centered around NPS scores. If this aggregate score isn’t detailed enough for you, you may need to explore another survey tool.

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