Adata Ultimate SU800 SSD review

Is 3D NAND a game changer?

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The Adata SSD Ultimate SU800 is a perfectly fine card that is capable of performance levels seen in more expensive SSDs. For the 256GB model we tested, the asking price is $80 (around £65, AU$105), which works out at $0.31 per gigabyte – a very attractive proposition. 

The Adata SSD Ultimate SU800 also comes in 128GB, 512GB and 1TB configurations as well, with the Adata SSD Ultimate SU800 1TB costing $270 (around £220, AU$355), which lowers the price or gigabyte to $0.27.

 We liked

The price and performance of this drive is great, so if you’re looking for a budget SSD then you can buy this one safe in the knowledge that you’re not sacrificing speed or features for a lower price.

We didn’t like

If you want faster speeds than the ones offered here, then you’re going to have to look at far more expensive M.2 and PCI E SSDs, as we’re reaching the limit of what SATA III 6Gbp/s can achieve.

Final verdict

If you’re looking for a cheap, but dependable, SSD for your PC or laptop, then the Adata SSD Ultimate SU800 is an excellent choice, with read and write speeds that are comparable to more expensive SSDs.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to capacity, so if you want something bigger you can get more space for not much more money.

The Adata SSD Ultimate SU800 doesn’t do anything flashy, but sometimes all you need is an SSD that performs well, is reliable and is good value for money. The Adata SSD Ultimate SU800 does all three.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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