This is the chip that could feature in the world's largest SSD — Kioxia launches 2Tb NAND chip and key partner Pure Storage may use it in its 150TB SSD DirectFlash modules

Kioxia BiCS flash
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Japanese memory giant Kioxia says it has begun sampling shipments of 2Tb QLC devices, utilizing its eighth-generation BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology. 

This new chip will be used in SSDs, servers, and other forms of digital storage hardware that require high-capacity, high-efficiency memory components.

Kioxia's BiCS FLASH technology expands the memory die vertically and laterally, while the integration of CBA (CMOS directly Bonded to Array) technology supports denser memory creation and interface speeds of up to 3.6Gbps. The new product features a bit density about 2.3 times higher than Kioxia's previous fifth-generation QLC device and 70% greater write power efficiency. With a 16-die stacked architecture in a single memory package, Kioxia says its new QLC device can achieve 4TB capacity.

Pure Storage to adopt the technology

Hideshi Miyajima, Chief Technology Officer of Kioxia, said, “With its industry-leading high bit density, high speed data transfer, and superior power efficiency, the 2Tb QLC product will offer new value for rapidly emerging AI applications and large storage applications demanding power and space savings."

Pure’s DirectFlash Module (DFM) storage (which allows all-flash arrays to communicate directly with raw flash storage) already offers improved density and efficiency, as well as longer life spans compared to SSDs. The firm has previously said it will release 150TB DFMs in 2025, with the aim of shipping 300TB DFMs by 2026. Incorporating Kioxia’s technology in its products will assist that aim. 

Kioxia also added a new 1Tb QLC memory device to its portfolio. Compared to the 2Tb QLC, the 1Tb device provides approximately a 30 percent faster sequential write performance and about a 15 percent improvement in read latency and will be used in high-performance applications including client SSDs and mobile devices.

Charles Giancarlo, Chief Executive Officer of Pure Storage, said, "We have a long-standing relationship with Kioxia and are delighted to incorporate their eighth-generation BiCS FLASH 2Tb QLC flash memory products to enhance the performance and efficiency of our all-flash storage solutions. Pure’s unified all-flash data storage platform is able to meet the demanding needs of artificial intelligence as well as the aggressive costs of backup storage.” 

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