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In-depth competitor analysis, backlink management, and precise visibility index

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TechRadar Verdict

Sistrix SEO is ideal for SEO professionals. It's not the cheapest option in the market but it's packed with advanced features like visibility index and targeted data and insights, so it is worth considering.


  • +

    Comprehensive visibility index tracking

  • +

    In-depth keyword analysis capabilities

  • +

    Detailed competitor benchmarking tools

  • +

    Robust technical SEO audits

  • +

    Actionable content optimization insights


  • -

    Potentially steep learning curve

  • -

    Subscription can be costly

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Sistrix SEO was launched in 2008 and was among the first few tools to introduce the Visibility Index, which has now become a crucial metric for SEO professionals worldwide. However, it currently offers much more than that. From in-depth keyword analysis to competitor benchmarking and technical site audits to content optimization, Sistrix SEO covers many different aspects of SEO with precision and expert insight. We tested Sistrix’s different features, use case, and customer support and assessed its application in real-world SEO campaigns before writing this detailed review. So, get started with our guide and break down the best and worst of Sistrix. 

Sistrix: Plans and pricing

Sistrix pricing

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SISTRIX SEO offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different needs, from SEO beginners and freelancers to large companies and expert users. 

Start Plan

For just €99/month plus VAT, this package is designed for freelancers, SEO beginners, and startups. It offers an array of features, including Keyword Research, Domain Analysis, Backlink-Index, and Visibility Index, all tailored to boost your website's performance. You can also fix on-page errors and look into your site’s analytics with 10,000 results per analysis, crawl up to 300,00 URLs, and stay updated with 2,500 SERP Updates. Additionally, it includes 1,000 Export & API credits every week for advanced data handling and a three-month data history for tracking your progress over time. 

Plus Plan

The PLUS package, at €199/month plus VAT, is ideal for small companies targeting growth. It extends the START package with access for three users, content marketing and text optimization tools, and face-to-face training seminars. Highlights include 50,000 results per analysis, a 5-year data history, 500,000 URL crawls, 15,000 SERP updates, and 10,000 weekly Export & API credits. Designed for enhanced collaboration and advanced SEO strategies, it's a comprehensive solution for boosting online visibility and growth.

Professional Plan

The Premium Plan, priced at €349/month plus VAT, caters to agencies and thriving medium-sized companies. It encompasses all features of the PLUS package, with enhancements such as over 13 years of complete data history and access to an API interface for seamless system integration. This plan also offers telephone and premium support in German. Key features include 100,000 results per analysis, a comprehensive 13-year data history, the ability to crawl up to 2,000,000 URLs, 40,000 SERP updates, and 30,000 weekly Export & API credits. Designed for high-level SEO management and integration capabilities, this plan is the ultimate tool for businesses seeking extensive support and advanced features.

Premium Plan

At €599/month plus VAT, the plan is designed for large companies, power users, and experts, enhancing the PROFESSIONAL package with more extensive export credits, projects, and keywords. It introduces role and rights management with an audit log for superior control, alongside VIP support and a continuing education program for ongoing expertise development. Standout features include unlimited results per analysis, a complete 13-year data history, the capacity to crawl up to 4,000,000 URLs, 100,000 SERP updates, and a substantial increase to 100,000 weekly Export & API credits. This offering is the pinnacle for entities demanding the utmost in SEO analysis, data management, and educational support.

Sistrix: Features

Search Engine Visibility 

Sistrix features

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The Visibility Index is a core metric for understanding and improving your website's SEO. This tool quantifies your site's presence in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by analyzing keyword positions and search volumes. Not only that, but it also offers a numeric representation of your website's performance and helps you track fluctuations and trends over time. 

We also loved how it distinguishes between desktop and mobile searches. Plus, the Visibility Index updates regularly which helps you stay informed of your SEO health and guiding strategies for sustained improvement.

Competitor Analysis 

Now you know how important it is to identify and understand your online competitors to create effective SEO strategies. Sistrix SEO assists in uncovering not only those competitors you know but also those you haven't considered. You can further compare your visibility directly with your rivals to understand where you stand in the SERPs. 

If you want to know more about your competitors' strategies, these tools can even provide you with insight into competitors' backlink profiles and their top-performing content. This analysis helps you modify your content and backlink strategies to outperform your competition.

Technical SEO Optimization 

Sistrix features

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Sistrix SEO uses on-site crawlers to scan your site to identify technical issues and boost its technical aspects. These issues include everything from broken links and incorrect redirects to missing meta tags. 

While doing this, the crawlers highlight problems and prioritize them by impact. This helps you make improvements with a detailed "health score" for your site.

Content Optimization

Sistrix identifies your site's strengths and areas for improvement by evaluating the existing content. This helps you align your content strategy with current search engine algorithms. 

Additionally, it offers actionable recommendations to improve content structure, include relevant keywords, and match user search intent. This targeted advice boosts your content's relevance and authority, thereby improving your rankings in the SERPs.

Sistrix features

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Sistrix SEO offers an in-depth analysis of your backlink profile, highlighting new and lost links and identifying quality link-building opportunities. If you find managing and rejecting harmful backlinks difficult, the disavow functionality can help safeguard your site against potential penalties. Moreover, with detailed insights into your backlink profile's composition and changes over time, Sistrix SEO lets you enhance your site's credibility and search engine ranking strategically. 

Universal Search Integration

Sistrix SEO tracks and optimizes the performance of images, videos, and e-commerce products within specialized search results like Google Images and Google Shopping. This integration helps your content maximize its visibility across different search mediums. On top of that, it lets you optimize your SEO strategy to take advantage of opportunities across universal search results. 

Social Signals 

Our favorite feature is Sistrix SEO’s in-depth monitoring of social signals related to your content. It tracks engagement metrics like likes, shares, and comments and even offers insights into how social interactions influence your site's SEO performance. This allows you to modify the effectiveness of your social media strategies and their correlation with search engine visibility, enhancing both engagement and SEO outcomes. 

Sistrix: Interface and in-use

We are big fans of Sistrix SEO’s comprehensive functionality and user-friendly interface. It’s designed to accommodate a wide audience, from beginners to advanced SEO professionals. Its design focuses on ease of use and offers deep insights so you can navigate its vast features without feeling lost.

Plus, Sistrix offers a snapshot of crucial metrics such as the Visibility Index for monitored websites, changes in ranking positions, and alerts for potential technical issues. You can even customize the dashboard to highlight the most relevant information to you, streamlining your monitoring and decision-making process.

Moreover, the clear and organized menu is another thing that makes navigation through Sistrix so easy. It divides the tool's capabilities into separate modules like SEO, Links, Ads, Social, and Content. This modular structure helps you quickly access the necessary tools without wasting time on unrelated data. Despite all that, we noticed that the tool does have a learning curve for which you should be prepared.

Sistrix: Support

Sistrix SEO provides support through multiple approaches to ensure users at all expertise levels can effectively use its comprehensive functionalities. You can contact the support team via email and phone channels for direct support. It also has a vast online base filled with articles, guides, and tutorials for self-help. 

To further deepen your understanding, Sistrix offers a range of webinars and seminars covering basic and advanced topics, facilitated by SEO experts. While Sistrix doesn't host its own user forum, we found a community of users and SEO professionals on social media groups and forums that provide a peer-to-peer support system. 

However, the most unique thing about Sistrix’s support system is its multi-lingual support. This means you can get assistance in your preferred language. 

Overall, Sistrix’s comprehensive support system, combining direct help, educational resources, community interaction, and accessibility in multiple languages, offers you all the necessary tools and knowledge at your fingertips to optimize your SEO strategies effectively.

Sistrix: The competition

Sistrix is considered a bit expensive compared to some other tools in the market as it’s priced at a starting point of €99 per month for its basic plan. On the other hand, SerpStat's basic plan starts at $69 per month, making it a more affordable entry point for individuals and small businesses. However, it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t consider the depth of features they provide. Sistrix's Visibility Index feature alone is something that we don’t see in many other tools, including SerpStat.

Furthermore, tools like SEO Spider, which is priced notably lower at £149 for a lifetime license, target a different segment of the SEO market. They focus more on the technical aspects of SEO, such as site crawling and issue detection.

While SEO Spider is a powerful tool for those specific needs, its interface and configuration make it difficult for beginners. Moreover, you cannot avail of ongoing updates or support without purchasing a yearly license renewal. In contrast, Sistrix's subscription model ensures you can always access the latest features and support.

Sistrix: Final verdict

Sistrix is a solid choice if you're deep into SEO and looking for serious results. At €99 a month, it's not the cheapest option, but you're getting a lot for your money. 

It's packed with features like the Visibility Index and detailed analysis tools for analyzing your competition and determining your SEO strategy. Plus, it offers a lot of support and resources to help you get the most out of it, even if there's a bit of a learning curve at the start.

We noticed in particular that Sistrix is especially great if you're focusing on the European market, thanks to its targeted data and insights. So, if you’re looking for a tool that covers just about everything you need to boost your website's SEO, Sistrix is worth considering.

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