Shopify points to third-party app for data breach

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A hacker has advertised selling a database allegedly stolen from ecommerce giant Shopify - however, the company says the archives did not come from its systems, but rather a third party.

A threat actor with the alias ‘888’ recently took to BreachForums to try and sell a database containing roughly 180,000 rows of user information.

This information apparently contains people’s Shopify IDs, full names, email addresses, mobile phones, orders counts, total money spent, email subscriptions, email subscription dates, SMS subscriptions, and SMS subscription dates.

Phishing material

The breach was said to have taken place on July 4, 2024. Soon after the news broke, Shopify released a statement denying it had been breached, and claiming the information was obtained elsewhere.

"Shopify systems have not experienced a security incident," Shopify told BleepingComputer. "The data loss reported was caused by a third-party app. The app developer intends to notify affected customers."

On BreachForums, the hacker released a small sample of the stolen data, as proof of its legitimacy. They are selling the archive as a one-time sale, meaning multiple purchases were not possible. Interested parties were told to reach out to 888 via DMs and offer a sum in Monero (XMR).

Monero is a cryptocurrency popular among cybercriminals due to its enhanced privacy and anonymity features. 

The hacker has a long track record of successful leaks, multiple media outlets have confirmed. Just this year, 888 leaked sensitive data from Credit Suisse, Assurified, Heineken, and Accenture.

We will know more details once the third-party app steps forward and notifies its customers. In the meantime, all Shopify users would be wise to pay extra attention to incoming emails, and be wary of potential phishing or identity theft attacks. 

Shopify’s last data breach was roughly four years ago.

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