Microsoft adds swathe of new privacy-focused tools

A building at the Microsoft Headquarters campus in Redmond, Washington (2014).
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Microsoft has expanded its Priva suite of privacy tools, in an effort to make it easier for organizations to comply with regulations and manage personal data.

The tech giant explained in a blog post that new automations and integrations will "help organizations meet adapting privacy requirements related to personal data."

Several new automated features have now entered Public Preview, including privacy policy assessment creation, Subjects Rights requests fulfilment, and tracker scanning.

Automating privacy management

Microsoft notes that "people’s awareness of data privacy has surged to unprecedented levels," which has led to "a collective call for the safeguarding of personal information from unwarranted intrusions and establishing ways for people to take control of their personal data."

The company believes that by using stronger privacy tools, organizations can improve their cybersecurity, while at the same time increasing levels of trust from their customers.

Microsoft Priva Privacy Assessments is designed to be at the center of a firm's privacy policy, and automates the management of personal data usage. Custom assessments can be created to evaluate this usage across an entire data estate. 

A risk framework can also be created, based on information pertaining to personal data usage gleamed from these assessments. Polices can be defined with Privacy Risk Management to automate risk mitigation too. 

The Priva Tracker Scanning feature can automatically discover trackers like cookies, pixels and beacons across an organization's website, allowing them to deal with potential issues, such as non-complying trackers. 

There is also the Priva Consent Management tool, which lets firms create consent models quickly from templates, as well as publish them at scale in multiple regions.

Microsoft claims that Priva Subjects Rights Requests is "a next-generation privacy solution that enables organizations to automate the fulfillment of subject rights requests across their on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud environments." 

It can work across popular cloud environments, such as Microsoft's own Azure and 365 platforms, as well as AWS, Google Cloud Platform and others.


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