HTC's Apple Vision Pro rival might actually help make the office more engaging

HTC Vive XR Elite
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HTC has launched a new version of its extended reality headset, aimed at making the office a more exciting place to work.

Announced at MWC 2024, the Business Edition of the VIVE XR Elite looks set to compete with the Apple Vision Pro, the spatial computing device that caught everyone's attention when it was announced at the tech giant's Worldwide Developers Conference in 2023.

HTC sees the headset being used in various fields, such as the medical, manufacturing, and financial industries, to name a few. It also includes VIVE Business+, which allows for fleets of the headsets to be managed and content deployed on them. 

New business features

Other features include an accessories pack that is designed for enterprise use, "to support even more versatile use cases, and enhance comfort for longer sessions or multiple users."

There is also Location Based Software Suite (LBSS) support, which the company claims was part of creating the first functional VR system in microgravity, with the headset's Simulator Mode being adapted for use on the International Space Station (ISS) to help with the physical and mental health of astronauts.

The LBSS has also meant that HTC's headsets have been deployed in museums, galleries, and training scenarios. A new face gasket has also been added to allow for the often large number of users at location based experiences such as these.

There is also a new over-the-top headstrap to improve comfort and allow for quicker user switching. There are security clips on the temple arms too, to prevent the battery cradle from being unduly removed.

A VIVERSE starter pack is being launched as well, which comes in bundles of 10 or 20 VIVE XR Elite Business Edition headsets, which offer savings of over $12,000 or $15,000 respectively. The bundles also include free access to VIVE Business+ and 3 months of VIVERSE for Business.

VIVERSE itself is also getting some AI upgrades, which include a personal assistant to guide users through their experience, and will have voice activated controls, such as  voice-to-text and real-time language translation. Support is also being added for VIVE Ultimate Tracker, with the aim of making virtual avatars more realistic. Avatars can also be created using the VIVERSE Avatar SDK, which make use of AI for speech and facial expression purposes.


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